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New York, NY, Ankle Doctor Shares the Difference Between a Fracture & a Break

Our New York, NY ankle doctor sometimes gets asked to explain the difference between an ankle fracture and an ankle break. In truth, there is no difference between a fracture and a break. Both terms equally describe a bone that has lost its structural integrity through a crack, splinter, or break. Our New York, NY, [Read More…]

Manhattan Foot Doctor Explains Foot Swelling

Do your foot and ankle swell more during the summer? Our Manhattan foot doctor has insight into common causes of foot swelling as temperatures rise. Foot swelling can make the area tender to the touch and cause footwear to feel more restrictive. Patients can turn to our Manhattan foot doctor to determine the cause and [Read More…]

Summer Foot Care in Manhattan, NY

Over exposure to the sun can affect any area of skin left unprotected. Feet can sunburn, as can areas behind the ear, on the scalp, and more. What can you do to protect your feet and treat uncomfortable sunburn? Maintaining proper foot care in Manhattan, NY, will help patients that preventative measures to enjoy this [Read More…]

New York Podiatrist For Bunion Control

Before discussing what a bunion is, our New York podiatrist must first clarify what a bunion is not. A bunion is not a simple overgrowth of the bone at the base of the big or pinky toe. A bunion is caused by an underlying condition with the structure of your foot. The progressive disorder begins [Read More…]

Manhattan Podiatrist Offers 5 Tips For The Avid Runner

At Silverstone Podiatry, our Manhattan podiatrist wants to make sure that runners and joggers are fully prepared to avoid injuries and other maladies that may arise when you begin any exercise program. Some of the most common foot problems associated with jogging or running that our Manhattan podiatrist treats include blisters, corns, calluses, athlete’s foot, [Read More…]

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things you should know before choosing your manhattan new york ny podiatrist
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