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Find Out Why Patients Call Dr. Nick the Best Podiatrist in NYC!

Compassionate Care

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When foot or ankle pain affects your mobility, then your emotional frustration can sometimes hurt just as much as your physical pain. From the moment you pass through our doors, you will know you’ve found a different kind of podiatry office. Your emotional comfort is as important to Dr. Nick as the health of your feet and ankles, and you can always count on exceptional, compassionate care with our expert Manhattan foot and ankle specialist.

Call 646.657.0070 or click here for an appointment with the best podiatrist in NYC, and experience compassionate treatment that is second to none.

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Fellowship Trained Surgical Expert

To become fellowship trained, a podiatrist must complete an additional year focusing on a sub-specialization in Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgery. Dr. Nick is a surgical specialist who studied at the prestigious Weil Foot, Ankle & Orthopedic Institute in Chicago, IL. While there, he had the opportunity to complete a fellowship and hone his skills in Advanced Foot & Ankle Reconstructive Surgery.

This exceptional experience and expertise allows Dr. Nick and his podiatry team to provide the highest caliber diagnostics and treatment options available. Whether you are looking for conservative, non-invasive treatment or surgical correction, our NYC foot and ankle specialist can get you pain-free and back on your feet again.

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Surgery As Last Resort

best podiatrist in nyc avoid surgeryDr. Nick may be a world-class foot and ankle surgeon in Manhattan, but that doesn’t mean he only offers surgical treatments! At Silverstone Podiatry, we only recommend surgery as a last resort after you have already attempted conservative treatments. In cases where surgery can’t be avoided, you can rest assured that surgical specialist Dr. Nick and his staff are highly qualified to provide the best podiatric care available. Our team will work at all stages of care to ensure you have both peace of mind and outstanding results.

Explore ALL your treatment options with our expert NYC podiatrist by calling 646.657.0070 or clicking here.

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Advanced Technology

best new york ny podiatrist technologyDiagnosing and treating your foot or ankle condition quickly, efficiently, and accurately is paramount to the health of your feet and ankles. With our advanced technologies for podiatric care, we can facilitate your foot and ankle healthcare needs. Our patients have the benefit of numerous advanced technologies, including diagnostic ultrasounds, digital x-rays, ESWT (shockwave) treatment, stem cell therapy, and more. These technologies allow us to better diagnose and treat your foot or ankle condition so that you can get back to doing what’s most important to you.

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Aesthetic Approach

best new york city podiatristDr. Nick at Silverstone Podiatry specializes in an aesthetic approach to foot and ankle care. That means in all treatment options, including surgery, he wants to ensure that your feet and ankles will still look appealing after treatment is complete.

With some treatments, you may find that some podiatrists will prioritize the health of your feet and ankles without considering the aesthetics at all. Dr. Nick understands that having attractive feet and ankles are a consideration when you are deciding whether to have surgery. He will work with you to provide an appealing look for your feet and ankles after treatment and recovery. If you have been told you need surgery and you want to find out if Dr. Nick at Silverstone Podiatry can offer you an aesthetic approach to your surgery, call 646.657.0070 or click here to schedule your consultation today!

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Same-Day & Weekend Appointments

best nyc podiatristsWhen a foot or ankle injury occurs and you need to be seen urgently, you can depend on us to get you an appointment for the same day or next day. The health of your feet and ankles is incredibly important to us, so we strive to provide you with immediate podiatry care.

Our team at Silverstone Podiatry also understands that getting to the doctor on a weekday can be difficult. To ensure you don’t forego the care you need simply because Monday-Friday hours don’t work with your schedule. Silverstone Podiatry offers Saturday appointments! Dr. Nick and his team will do all they can to ensure your foot and ankle care is convenient and comfortable.

To make an appointment today, give us a call at 646.657.0070!

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Virtually No Wait Times

best podiatrist in nycAt Silverstone Podiatry, we value your time and don’t believe it should be wasted sitting in our waiting room. When you arrive at your scheduled appointment time, therefore, you can count on there being virtually no wait time!

Our team also carefully monitors our schedule to ensure that your appointment will have plenty of time for you to have all your questions answered thoroughly. This is just one more way that Dr. Nick strives to be your best podiatrist in NYC.

Are you ready for a Manhattan podiatry office that respects your time? Call us today at 646.657.0070 to request a timely appointment, or click here to use our convenient online appointment request form.

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Easy Insurance Process

Insurance often raises questions for people who have foot or ankle pain. At Silverstone Podiatry, we go the extra mile to handle the insurance process to make it easier for you. Silverstone Podiatry accepts most insurances, such as:

  • aetna health insurance logo
  • Cigna health insurance logo
  • ghi health logo
  • united health care logo

We may be able to help you even if your insurance is limited. To find out what your options are, ask questions, and learn how we can assist you and your unique case, please give us a call at 646.657.0070. We look forward to helping you.

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Find Out Why Patients Call Dr. Nick the Best Podiatrist in NYC for Foot Care and Ankle Care, Including Treatment for Foot Pain, Bunions, Foot Arthritis, Flat Foot, Stress Fractures, Foot Fractures, Hallux Rigidus, Neuromas, Achilles Tendonitis, Ankle Instability, Ankle Arthritis, Fractured Ankles, Sprained Ankles, and Peroneal Tendinosis – Serving Manhattan

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things you should know before choosing your manhattan new york ny podiatrist
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