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Ankle Doctor for Sprained Ankle in New York, NY

Restoring Your Mobility at Our Office

Ankle sprains happen when the strong ligaments supporting the ankle stretch beyond their limits and tear. Ankle sprains in New York, NY, are common injuries that occur among people of all ages. Ankle sprains range from mild to severe, depending upon how much damage there is to the ligaments.

The majority of ankle sprains are minor injuries that heal with at-home treatments such as rest and applying ice. However, if your ankle is swollen and painful to walk on — or if you are having trouble putting weight on your ankle at all, be sure to see our expert podiatrists.

Causes of Ankle Sprains

Your ankle can twist unexpectedly during many different activities, such as:

  • Walking or exercising on an uneven surface
  • Participating in sports that require cutting actions or rolling and twisting of the foot — such as trail running, basketball, tennis, football, and soccer
  • During sports activities, someone else may step on your foot while you are running, causing your foot to twist or roll to the side
  • Falling down

Symptoms of Ankle Sprains

Sprained ankles are painful. Other common symptoms include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness to touch
  • Instability of the ankle

Treatments for Ankle Sprains

Most ankle sprains can be treated with conservative methods. Even a complete ligament tear can heal without surgical repair if it is immobilized appropriately.

A three-phase program guides treatment for all ankle sprains, from mild to severe:

Phase 1 includes resting, protecting the ankle, and reducing the swelling.

Phase 2 includes restoring range of motion, strength, and flexibility.

Phase 3 includes maintenance exercises and the gradual return to activities that do not require turning or twisting the ankle. This will be followed later by being able to do activities that require sharp, sudden turns (cutting activities)—such as tennis, basketball, or football. This three-phase treatment program may take just two weeks to complete for minor sprains or up to six to 12 weeks for more severe injuries.

For milder ankle sprains, we may recommend:

  • Rest your ankle by not walking on it
  • Ice should be immediately applied to keep the swelling down. It can be used for 20 to 30 minutes, three or four times daily. Do not apply ice directly to your skin
  • Compression dressings, bandages, or ace wraps will immobilize and support your injured ankle
  • Elevate your ankle above the level of your heart as often as possible during the first 48 hours

Without proper treatment and rehabilitation, a more severe sprain can weaken your ankle. This makes it more likely that you will injure it again. Repeated ankle sprains can lead to long-term problems, including chronic ankle pain and arthritis. Schedule a consultation with our experienced podiatrists if you suspect you have sprained your ankle.

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