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new york ny foot specialist flat feetIf you or a loved one struggles with flat feet, Silverstone Podiatry offers both non-surgical and surgical treatment options to improve both your feet’s appearance and your mobility. Our Lenox Hill, NY, foot specialist for flat feet Dr. Nick has helped hundreds of patients suffering from this condition. He can help you, too.

The Meaning of Flat Feet

Having flat feet means the inner arch of your foot has fallen, and your foot lies flat against the ground. There are two types of flat feet: congenital and acquired.

If your feet are congenitally flat, your arches never formed properly from birth. Most people with this condition have few or zero noticeable symptoms.  On the other hand, people who have fallen arches or acquired flat feet may experience many more symptoms, and over time, they can be at higher risk for other complications.

Complications with Flat Feet

Having feet are flat affects the way you carry your weight when you stand, walk, or run. Eventually, this can cause other problems or make existing issues even worse, such as:

Flat Feet Symptoms

While flat foot symptoms vary greatly from person to person, there are some common issues that patients with flat feet may experience including:

  • Painful feet
  • Inner ankle swelling & pain
  • Pain in other areas, including your calf, knee, hip, and lower back
  • Feet feel stiff, rigid, or unwieldy
  • Shoes wear out unevenly

Children with Flat Feet

Initially, many infants and children appear to have flat feet because their arches are still developing. However, if you think your child suffers from flat feet due to incorrect bone development or another condition, let our Silverstone Podiatry team evaluate your child’s gait and put your mind at ease.

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Silverstone Podiatry Offers 5-Star-Rated Treatment Options for Flat Feet with Our Lenox Hill, NY, Foot Specialist for Flat Feet


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