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new york city bunion treatment and surgeryA bunion is not just a bump – it’s a structural deformity where the underlying bones in your big toe are misaligned. Unfortunately, bunions progress as we get older – they never regress by themselves, and advertised splints are ineffective at actually correcting the problem. At Silverstone Podiatry, Dr. Nick provides 5-star-rated bunion treatment in Manhattan, NY to help restore your foot’s appearance and function. There’s no need to be in pain anymore!

Why Do I Have a Bunion?

Oftentimes, bunions develop from faulty foot mechanics that we inherit, meaning someone in your family tree likely passed down the foot structure that resulted in your bunion. When there is an instability in your foot that allows one muscle to gain an advantage over another, this causes your big toe to drift toward the smaller toes. Additionally, women’s shoes that are narrow and often pointed further aggravates the problem.

Will I Need Surgery to Get Rid of my Bunion?

While surgery may be the best option for your bunion, Dr. Nick may also have nonsurgical alternatives for you. Over the years, he has seen deformities of all sizes and symptoms. Also, not all bunions are painful. Some bunions cause no problems at all, whereas others can leave you feeling embarrassed enough to avoid wearing open-toed shoes. The decision of whether to pursue bunion surgery or not depends on a variety of factors, including your own needs and wishes.

If you want to keep your bunion, Dr. Nick can treat it conservatively with appropriate shoes, custom orthotics, padding, and/or injection therapy to maximize your comfort. If you want the bunion gone, you can rest easy knowing that you are in the hands of a surgical specialist with extensive experience providing aesthetic and pain-free results.

Don’t let your big toe crowd the little guys anymore! Let our trusted podiatrist Dr. Nick help you live a better life, bunion-free. Call 646.657.0070 or click here to request an appointment and learn more about our Manhattan bunion treatment options. We look forward to helping you!

Dr. Nick Is a 5-Star-Rated Foot Specialist for Bunion Treatment in Manhattan, NY, Including Bunion Surgery, Bunion Removal, and Nonsurgical Bunion Treatments

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