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new york city ankle doctorAre you one of those people who struggles with weak ankles, or feel like your ankle is about to “give way” when you walk on uneven ground or in high-heeled shoes?  If this is the case, you may be suffering from chronic ankle instability. At Silverstone Podiatry, our Manhattan ankle doctor for ankle instability treatment can help restore your ankle’s strength and stability, so you can walk with confidence again.

Most Common Cause of Ankle Instability

An ankle sprain that didn’t heal properly is the most common cause of ankle instability. When you sprain your ankle, your ligaments can be stretched or even torn. When those ligaments don’t heal, the result is an ankle that struggles to support your weight. If you have suffered multiple sprains over a period of time, this can exacerbate your condition even further.

What About Surgery?

Dr. Nick, our highly trained surgical specialist for ankle correction, strongly believes that surgery should always be a last resort after more conservative treatments have been tried. With ankle instability, there are a number of nonsurgical methods that he may recommend first, including ankle wraps, anti-inflammatory medications, or an ankle brace. If you do need surgery for a torn ligament or excessively damaged ligament, rest assured you’re in the hands of one of the best ankle surgeons in Manhattan.

Ultimately, the best way to know the right treatment for your weak ankle is to visit Silverstone Podiatry, where Dr. Nick can evaluate the extent of the damage to your ligaments. Call 646.657.0070 or click here to schedule an appointment with our Manhattan ankle doctor for ankle instability treatment, Dr. Nick. Same-day and next-day appointments are available!

Dr. Nick Is a 5-Star-Rated Manhattan Ankle Doctor and Surgeon for Ankle Instability, Weak Ankles, Torn Ankle Ligaments, and Other Conditions Related to Sprained Ankles

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things you should know before choosing your manhattan new york ny podiatrist
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